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Ayalon Insurance Company LTD.

Member of the Israel Insurance Association and of the Association of Life Insurance Companies of Israel

 Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd.


Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the six largest insurance and finance groups in Israel (in terms of the scope of sales), which shows, in recent years, among the highest growth rates in the insurance and finance industry, in all areas of its activity. The main and core distribution channel of the company is the insurance agents.

Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd., a public company, is owned by the late Mr. Levi Yitzhak Rachmani (RIP) and his relatives (68.78%), and the rest is held by the public.

Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd. was established in 1976 by the late Mr. Levi Yitzhak Rachmani (RIP), by means of Shlomo Rachmani and Sons Ltd. and the foreign insurance company “New Zealand”. Shlomo Rachmani and Sons Ltd. was a family insurance company, established in 1949 by the late Mr. Shlomo Zalman Rachmani (RIP) (the father of Mr. Levi Izhak Rachmani, RIP). In 1987, “New Zealand” sold its holding in Ayalon to the Rahmani family. In July 1987, Ayalon Holdings shares were first listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The vision of the company, and the slogan chosen to be its façade, is “People Serving People”, where the values of the company is to bring the human aspect in insurance, while giving special emphasis to the service provided to the insurance holders and the agents.

Service is a main strategic objective of the company, which provides a high level of service to its clients (insurance holders and agents).

The many moves of the company in the field of service have yielded impressive results: in the 2018 Insurance Companies Service Index of the Capital Markets, Insurance and Savings Authority of the Ministry of Finance, Ayalon was ranked as the most prominent company in improving service for insurance holders.

In addition, Ayalon shows excellence in the Insurance Brokers Service Surveys in Israel - Ayalon was ranked first in the Life and Pensions Survey (conducted in March 2019), and was further ranked first in the Health Insurance Survey (conducted in July 2019).

The company has a large customer service center intended for providing professional service to its insurance holders and agents.

Ayalon employs some 1,100 employees, and operates over five regional districts: Tel Aviv, Central, Haifa, Jerusalem and the Netanya branches, all which operate a wide array of approximately 2,600 agents, with agencies throughout the country.

Ayalon has broad backing from the world's leading reinsurers, with the main ones being "Swiss Re", "Munich Re", "Partner Re", "Everest Re" and "SCOR".

The matter of transparency and fairness underpins the values of the company as of the day of its establishment. The company provides tools and data to its insurance holders and agents for the sake of transparency and increase of confidence.

The field of digital and innovation is another main area of activity of the company. Ayalon invests and develops innovative digital tools and services, which will enable it to meet the needs of its clients and agents, including tools presented on the website of the company.

Ayalon is a leader in the field of product innovation in all areas of activity, and it offers diverse and innovative insurance solutions in general insurance, long-term savings and health insurance.

In the field of general insurance, the company operates in a number of main areas of activity: obligatory car insurance, property car insurance, general insurance fields, which focus on property insurance (other than car insurance) and liability insurance.

Apartment insurance. In order to provide each client with the appropriate solution for their apartment insurance, the company has launched an innovative, custom-made apartment insurance. Living – this insurance policy enables the purchase of coverage suitable for the different stages in life, and expresses values of transparency and fairness.

Car insurance. Ayalon offers a variety of car insurances to diverse audiences. For example, cautious drivers benefit from a designated and affordable policy. This type of insurance is part of the overall activity of the company, which aims to encourage careful driving among drivers in Israel.

Cyber insurance for business. The cyber insurance of the company, which provides protection to businesses in the event of a cyber-attack, won the Product of the Year award in the insurance industry in 2017. This insurance by Ayalon has a variety of unique benefits and coverages.

Professional Liability. Ayalon specializes in the field of professional liability insurance and meets the needs of a wide range of professions, including: lawyers, architects, doctors, engineers, insurance agents, accountants and therapists.


Long-term savings field. This field includes life insurance activities, long-term health insurance, while focusing on retirement savings in various types of insurance policies, as well as insurance coverage of various risks, such as disability, loss of working capacity, death and more.

Health Insurance. Ayalon was nominated as the health insurance company for the year 2018, according to the annual ranking of "Adif" and the insurance and financial journalists in Israel, and it offers a comprehensive health insurance, which includes exclusive coverage and benefits. Ayalon health insurance policyholders benefit from a range of comprehensive insurance, including long-term care insurance, surgeries in Israel and abroad, out-of-the-basket medicine, dental transplants and insurance. Among the unique benefits of Ayalon: free choice of surgeon, wide coverage of serious illnesses and more. In February of 2019, the company acquired 40% of TLV medical center, as part of a strategic focus for continued growth and providing added value to its health insurance policyholders.

In January 2017, Ayalon Pension and Provident Ltd. merged with Meitav Dash Provident Funds and Pension Ltd., which currently manages the pension and provident activities of Ayalon. Ayalon holds 20% of Meitav Dash Provident Funds and Pension Ltd.

The Ayalon Group has a number of subsidiaries, including "Ayalon Neemanim Ins", which specializes in pension arrangements, and "Ayalon H.L.B. Assets & Investments Ltd.", which operates as the real estate arm of the company.

Contribution to the Community. Social responsibility is one of the most prominent values of Ayalon. The company puts much effort in increasing the presence of its employees in the community and carries out a wide range of volunteer activities throughout the year. Among the key areas of activities of Ayalon in 2019: Contribution to the establishment of a bone marrow pool, in collaboration with the Ezer MiTzion Association; A campaign for encouraging cautious driving and preventing distraction of drivers in Israel, in cooperation with the Or Yarok Association, including joint community activities; Activities for the integration of disabled people in the society, together with the Negishut Israel Association. Ayalon won the "Accessible Organization" token of appreciation in this field; Collaboration with a variety of non-profit organizations for promoting youth at risk from both the social and economic periphery, volunteer activities for Holocaust survivors and more.


Senior Management:
Mr. Muky Abramovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Arik Yogev, CEO

Company website:

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