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Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Member of the Israel Insurance Association and of the Association of Life Insurance Companies of Israel


Clal Insurance & Finance


 Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.


The Group owns insurance agencies, pension funds, provident funds, training funds, and credit-granting companies. The company has 4,600 employees and works with 2,000 insurance agents. All of this contributes to its been ranked as one of Israel's leading long-term insurance and savings groups.


Long-Term Savings
Clal Insurance and Finance provides comprehensive solutions in the field of long-term savings, including life insurance, pensions, provident funds, investments fund, and financial savings, for private and business clients in all sectors of the economy.


The Clal Insurance and Finance Group holds a market share, based on assets, of 14% of the long-term savings market in Israel, as defined by the Insurance Commissioner.
The Group's new pension funds manage assets totaling NIS 56 billion for 600,000  members, and its provident funds manage NIS 33 billion (as of the end of December 2018).


As part of its life insurance activities (profit-participating policies), the Group holds a market share of 20% in terms of assets, with a total annual premiums of NIS 5 billion (in 2018). Clal Insurance and Finance manages its members prudently with total responsibility, and they benefit from the highest returns in the Israeli market, as well as the full assurance that their money is managed by a large, professional and leading entity.


General (Non-Life) Insurance
Clal Insurance and Finance is one of the leading insurance companies in Israel, in the general (non-life) insurance sector, with annual premiums of NIS 2.3 billion (2018). The company offers a wide range of insurance plans for individuals and businesses in the automotive, apartment, and property fields with profound professionalism and expertise, all the while understanding the unique needs of its client base.


Health Insurance
The division manages annual premiums totaling NIS 2.1 billion (2018) and offers various private health insurance plans - long-term care insurance, overseas travel insurance, etc. The private health insurance basket offered by the company allows its insured parties to choose the right coverage that meets their needs, with proper pricing, along with professional guidance, along with an understanding of changing trends in the industry.


Canaf Clal Financial Management, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clal Insurance and Finance and is one of Israel's leading, largest and most stable financial companies. As well, it is one of Israel's largest non-banking institutions. As the group's investment arm, Canaf manages NIS 197 billion in assets (as of the end of December 2018), including members' pension funds, provident funds, executive insurance, as well as Clal Group's equity and insurance reserves.


Service and innovation
Clal Insurance and Finance dedicates considerable effort to improve its services to its agents and clients and leads a service revolution based on innovative and advanced digital tools that enable its parties to receive service and to manage their insurance and savings from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, and during the year, the company continued with the launching of breakthrough products and services, all of which meet a variety of customer needs.


Danny Naveh
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Yoram Naveh
Chief Executive Officer


Public inquiries
How To Address to the Commissioner of Public Inquiries

Gil Ben Kimon, Lawyer
The Commissioner of Public Inquiries
"Clal Group"
PO. Box. 37070
Tel-Aviv 6136902

Tel: 077-6387767
Fax: 077-6383495


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