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Shomera Insurance Company LTD.

Member of the Israel Insurance Association

Shomera Insurance Company Ltd.

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Ltd group



Shomera, which was established in 1943 and acquired by the Sinai Insurance Group in 1986, started operating as an insurer in 2002.

In 2007 the company was accuired by the Menora insurance group.

Shomera currently operates in the various different non-life insurance branches through some 700 insurance agents.

The volume of the Company’s activity is growing from year to year.

It is characterised by young and dynamic management, and at the same time it benefits from the accrued experience and excellent reputation of the Menora insurance group.

In this way the Company’s underwriting is conservative and it has been showing a profit even in its early years.

This website is built in Hebrew and contains a great deal of content:

The Company’s history - the origin of the Company’s name, the values that guide the Company and the Company’s spheres of activity.

Details of the Company’s insurance policies and their basic cover.

In the customer service category, the visitor can obtain details of the garages in the Company’s arrangement, its vehicle loss adjusters, customer service centres and more.

The claims category contains instructions that enable customers to obtain information to help them obtain compensation quickly and efficiently.

The site also helps the Company’s insurance agents, enabling them to download useful forms and compute quotations (after identifying themselves by password) for the Company’s different insurance products by means of a price generator that is on line with the Company’s main computer.

The media and press category contains copies of the Company’s news-sheet and press clippings relating to the Company.

In the Shomera and the Community category a visual impression can be obtained of the Company’s involvement in Israeli sport and the community at large.
For your convenience, the pictures and photographs are in English!


Senior Management:

Menachem Harpaz, Chairman

Danny Yitzhaki, C.E.O


Company website:



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