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Legal notice

Read the usage terms hereunder carefully. Beginning to use the site and content thereof indicates consent to and confirmation of the foregoing in the in the usage terms as follows.  


“Content” – any text, images and links at the site

“Site Owner” – the Association of Insurance Companies in Israel (AR) and to the Life Insurance Association Ltd

The operator and/or Site Manager are not liable for any damage, inconvenience, loss, mental anguish and any outcome or direct or indirect expense incurred by any party who surfs directly or indirectly, and by any third party in respect of the use of the Site or the Content thereof, including the affect of the use on the computers of the surfers at the Site and the data stored therein.

Clarification:Use of this Site is not intended as a substitute for the receipt of advice of any kind whatsoever, including insurance-related, legal, safety-related or other.

Copyright:All the copyrights and intellectual property rights – including the design of the Site – belong to the operator and/or the creators thereof and/or the writers thereof and/or the Site owners exclusively or are their exclusive responsibility.No part of the above may be copied, distributed, quoted, linked, referred, mentioned, presented in public or delivered to any third party without the advance and written consent of the Site owners.

Disclaimer with regard to the links:The Site owners and/or operator do not pledge that all the links located on the Site will be active and will lead to a specific location on an existing page at the Site and/or to an existing page at the Site and/or to an active website.The presence of a link to a specific site on the Site is not an indication of the reliability of the content thereof and the Site owners and/or the operator will not bear any liability in connection with any damage whatsoever related to the linked site or stemming from the linked site, including the content thereof and the effect thereof on the surfers’ computers.The disclaimer that applies to the use of the Site also applies to the use of any other site linked to the Site.

The user agrees that the Content, including the articles, the advertisements and the reports are not binding on the Site owners, the Site operator, the insurance companies or on any party acting on their behalf, apart from the purchaser of the advertisement.

The surfer at the Site hereby agrees that the foregoing on the Site may not be used, inter alia, as evidence in legal proceedings.

It is hereby stressed that the articles are the opinions of their authors alone and are not binding on the Site owners, the Site operator, the insurance companies and on any party or parties acting on their behalf.

Breach of the usage terms:Anyone breaching the usage terms will indemnify the Site owners, the Site manager or any party acting on their behalf in respect of any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense that they shall incur – including attorney’s fees and court costs – in consequence of a breach of the Site usage terms.

Jurisdiction:The laws of the State of Israel exclusively shall apply to this Agreement.The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter pertaining to this agreement and the use of the Site is the competent courts in the Tel Aviv-Yafo region.

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