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The Research Fund on Insurance Matters
affiliated with the Israel Insurance Association (RA) Read more
Study of Safety in Roundabouts in Dual Carriageways
Unlike the single-lane roundabout, where the driver's behavior is dictated in an unambiguous manner, the driver in roundabouts follows one of a number of traffic markings his best judgment and driving skillRead more
Survival, neurological recovery and morbidity after spinal cord
survival rates were higher and recovery rates lower than in mixed types of trauma. This may be related to better compensation followed by better nursing for road accident victims in Israel, which may prevent life-shortening complications, and to more severe injuries caused by road accidents.Read more
The Effect of a Series of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulations of the Motor Cortex on Centr
Whereas the pain alleviation induced by a single rTMS treatment is probably due to placebo, patients with SCI may benefit from a series of rTMS treatments.

Read more
Neck Injury and Fibromyalgia — Are They Really Associated?
Whiplash injury and road accident trauma were not associated with an increased rate of FM after more than 14.5 months of follow upRead more
Visual field attention is reduced by concomitant hands-free conversation
In the current study, cellular hands-free conversation caused some subjects to miss significantly more points, react slower to each stimulus, and perform with reduced precision.Read more
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