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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

The Israel Insurance Association (RA) and the Association of Life Insurance Companies of Israel Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Association” and the “Organization”) work to promote the issue of accessibility, in accordance with its definition in accessibility legislation, and regard clients with disabilities as equally entitled and having the right to enjoy total access to the Association and the Organization’s Website.


The accessibility adjustments made are as follows:*

Access to the Internet – in making the Association and the Organization’s Website accessible, we have acted in accordance with the accessibility provisions set out in Israeli Standard 5568 – “Directives for Providing Access to Content on the Internet” – at the level of AA. The Israeli Standard is identical with the document setting out the directives of the international organization which deals with Internet Standards – “Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0”.

Please note that despite our efforts to make our web pages accessible, it may not yet be possible to access some parts of the Site.

We would like to emphasize that we are working continuously to make the Site accessible. Access to documents is made in accordance with regulatory requirements, subject to the exemptions provided under legislation. However, if you encounter a file which is not accessible and you require it in a format which can be accessed, please apply to the responsible of accessibility in either of the contact ways specified below, and we will send you the file in an accessible format, as quickly as possible.

Our efforts to improve accessibility to the Website is an ongoing aspect of our commitment to enable the Site to be used by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

Means of access to the Site

  • Standardization – The Site supports the latest versions of conventional browsers.
  • Increasing the size of the display on the Site – surfers with visual difficulties who wish to increase the size of the display on the Site, can do so by pressing simultaneously on Ctrl and + (Control and the Plus sign). Each joint lick on these keys will increase the display by 10%. To reduce the size of the display, you need to click simultaneously on Ctrl and – (Control and the Minus sign).
  • Operating the Site with the keyboard – surfers who have a problem operating the mouse, can browse the Site by using the keyboard. Repeat clicking on the Tab key will move you to the various links on the page. Pressing on Enter will activate the indicated link.
  • Supporting ancillary technologies – The Site also accommodates viewing by the physically handicapped and provides support with screen-reading software. In order to ensure access to the Site’s content, the Site has been tested with NVDA screen-reading software.

If you encounter any difficulty when browsing on the Site or if you have any comments, please contact the responsible of accessibility in either of the following ways:

 By phone: 03-7567986
 By Fax: 03-35664330
 By Email:



Publication of the accessibility statement:

The accessibility statement was updated on 01/07/2020.


*There is no reception of the public or telephone service center in the Association and the Organization Office’s. 

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