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About the Israel Insurance Association

The Israel Insurance Association (RA) is a voluntary organization incorporated as an NPO and registered with the Registrar of Societies


The Israel Insurance Association (RA) is a voluntary organization incorporated as an NPO and registered with the Registrar of Societies. Most of the insurers operating in Israelin the branches of general insurance and marine insurance are members of the Association. Every Israeli insurer that holds an insurance license in one of the above branches is permitted to join the Association as a member.

The Association’s activity is financed by means of membership dues paid by the insurers who are members of the Association. The Association a not for profit organization and does not distribute profits to its members.

The Association’s principal goals are:

  • To represent the insurersbefore the Supervisor of Insurance and the other State authorities, including government ministries, the Knesset, public authorities and public institutions, and to serve as the insurers’ representative point of contact for the said authorities and institutions.
  • To handle matters of legislationrelated to insurance or that have implications on the insurance industry.
  • To represent the insurance industrybefore the media and the public.
  • To represent the insurance industry in its industry-related contractual arrangements,subject to the permits required by law.

  •  The Association operates for the welfare of the community and for solving disputes related to insurance in a civilized manner.

The Chairman of the Association is MR Yair Hamburger.

The Director General of the Association, Dr. Guy Rotkopf, is in charge of the Association’s ongoing management, subject to the policy that was set by the Association’s management and in accordance with its instructions. 

Mr. Gil Salomon ADV, serves as the Deputy Director-General of Regulation and Communications, MR. Yoav Antebi, CPA, Deputy CEO and Head of General insurance Division and Reut Weisberg, the Spokeswoman.


The Association’s management and professional committees operate under the supervision of its legal advisor, Yosi Halevy, attorney at law.

Activity performed in order to formulate positions vis-a-vis the governmental authorities is generally performed by means of the professional committees, which bring their recommendations before the Association’s management (if required in view of the matter at hand).  

The accounting firm retained by the Association is Kesselman and Kesselman (PWC).

The Association’s tax advisor is Dr. Eli Gilbai.


Additional bodies operate alongside the Association:

The Research Fund on Insurance Matters, affiliated with the The Israel Insurance Association (RA)

The Insurance Companies Clearing Center Ltd


The Association’s address: 7 Jabotinsky st. Ramat Gan

Telephone: 03-5677333

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